The Den Kokoro Experience

by Den Kokoro

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Welcome to The Den Kokoro Experience. In my first full-length album you will discover an assortment of dynamic Hip-Hop and sedating melodies.

Enjoy your visit, delight in the vibe!


released December 13, 2014

Mixing & Mastering: Den Kokoro
Album Cover: Mac B




Den Kokoro St. Louis, Missouri

Welcome to Den Kokoro's Page! Enjoy the music. Find me on Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud!

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Track Name: Despite My Love (feat. Rion Atom)
Despite My Love

You're someone that I hold dear that I wouldn't go near
If I ever felt you didn't want me but it's so clear
That we were meant to be mentally an' essentially,
you're the only occupant of my mind an' it's so weird
I let a minute pass to reminisce an' laugh
At every time when I was way too hesitant in class
To get close to or even to just approach you
How tha hell am I supposed to when all I can do is mask
How I'm feelin'? In fear of reactions iller
Than any terminal killer but I know I gotta tell you
This is something realer I put my heart on this pillar
An' I'm hoping you're tha healer to fill'er I feel compelled to...
Let you in on a secret that I've been keepin'
If you swear to me you'll keep it I promise to let you peep it
My demoiselle en détresse, there's no one I'd rather be with so
Won't you take my hand and allow me to let u see this?

And I know we're not well acquainted it's somethin' I aim to change an'
Tha situation we're placed in is nothin' short of amazin' but
Tha best is yet to come I believe that Sinatra sang it
Wait let tha further statements reiterate what I'm sayin'
I feel we hold a stunnin' site tighter than tha sun is bright
An' if I have you with me then I'll know that what I've done is right
Come with me and together we can own tha night
Lend a hymn into my life and next to you I'll use tha mic
And we can resonate harmoniously only if we
Get together an' never regress so going with me glowing in these
Ever-growing amount of tha depths is showing that we're holdin' at least
Somethin' in common I wanna progress- growing simply knowing it's the...
Idyllic vision; it's the only way I see me livin'
With nothin' missin' an' I speak in hopes that you will listen
To what I've written, see this is somethin' seldom given
Within these conditions so take it or leave it it's your decision

Please believe you're all I need an' life without you's inconceived
I think we'll be eventually you got my head spinnin' 360°
But how can I sleep when all I see's you and I inside my dreams
Call me crazy but I can perceive an' think it I'm speakin' of you an' me
'Cause I'm enthralled with tha way that you are
An' wit' tha perspective that I'm checkin' seems you're lackin' in flaws
An' any second that I've spent with you I'm truly in awe
An', yo, I never would've guessed that I'd be writin' you songs
But this song ain't 'bout a woman or a human at all
It's about a certain class o' music to which I was drawn
Since I was just an adolescent steady walkin' tha halls
Within tha school that I attended as it mended my heart
It took me out tha valley an' straight to tha hill top
Where I gained a new perspective on life that I still got
No other artistic medium gives me that big shock
But despite my love for music it's always been hip hop